Jamey Jasta

Ok I see why you prob won’t be back here in NZ anytime soon, but any plans to come back to Australia? Hatebreed for Soundwave 2014????? P.S Kingdom Of Sorrow were off the freakin chain!! \m/

Jamey Jasta responded on 04/25/2013

thanks! doesn't look like HB will be on SW14 but not sure yet. Australia has been great to me, there will be a big Hatebreed tour there soon. We had a blast w/ KOS. NZ is different, it's very hard to do because the band & promoters lose money to put on the show there. I think the last Hatebreed show there was about 300-400 people, we did it because we love it there but I believe everyone lost money and a promoter NEVER wants to lose $ on a show so I can understand if we don't come. It's a shame though because I love going there, I wish there was more people into our music there so we could come back. This is why I urge everyone to NOT miss a show when we come to their country because it could very well be our last time playing there.

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