Jamey Jasta

Jamey, your words and music got me through 2 tours to Iraq with the U.S. Army. I was wounded in 2005 by a suicide carbomb (VBIED) that detonated about 12 feet in front of me. I got shrapnel in my face and arm. The next day we had to go back to the exact same area and I was honestly scared so bad. So I wrote "Now is the time to rise" on my arm in huge bold letters and that was my mantra to get myself through the day. After losing 2 of my best friends 4 months later, I got "it's their honor in which we still fight" tattooed on my arm as a memorial. Just wanted to say thanks for getting me through some really difficult times. Thats it.

Jamey Jasta responded on 08/30/2013

thank you for your service! sorry to hear about your injuries & loss of friends, my deepest condolences. My father was in Vietnam and still suffers from PTSD so I hope you have a good support system at home. all the best to you!

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