Jamey Jasta

I recently had a bad experience meeting one of my all time favorite bands, a multi platinum metal band. The drummer didn't show at the meet n greet because he "doesn't like crowds", according to security. The lead singer was friggin stoned and was there for 5 min then took off!! The other 3 guys attempted to talk to everyone but then a manager dismissed all the fans after 15 min. It was a disorganized cluster. I dropped $125 and didn't get to meet any of them! I admired this band for 20 yrs and it all changed that night. Not sure I can listen to their music the same again. My point of this novel is that I've met you guys twice and you guys were totally cool, talkative and down to earth. Thank you for keeping your meet and greets reasonably priced and organized, and most of all, thanks for caring about the fans. Have you ever experienced similar disappointment meeting musicians whose music you were a fan of?

Jamey Jasta responded on 08/30/2013

Bruce Dickinson was a bum out when I meet him but you have to understand that some of these people have to constantly deal w/ pricks & drunk assholes and having to perform at a very high level day in and day out. They have a huge weight on them to always be on point. There is HUGE demand for some of these acts so you have to expect that some of them might be having a stressful or off day.

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