Jamey Jasta

Whats up Brother...I saw you Dec 7 2006 in Ft Wayne Indiana and still have the Hatebreed wristband from your wrist...Had a fuckin blast that night...I havent seen you since but want to bad..I live near Sacramento Ca now..Any chance of coming here soon? Your music has inspired me in my life and my gf life...We so Relate...What is Sean Martin's status these days..Do you still jam when your off tour just for fun..He is an amazing guitar player and person..Keep STRONG Bro and I will keep Jammin That Awsome Metal you bring to my ears..STRONGER THAN ALL!!!!!! PANTERA style...haha..

Jamey Jasta responded on 09/22/2013

thanks John, we played Ace Of Spades in Sac last year, it was killer, not sure when we are coming back though! as for sean martin's status, from what I know, he's doin good, he has his tattoo shop rocking and is married and stuff, i hear he's on twitter too so you can reach out to him, thanks man!

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