Jamey Jasta

Jamey, love the new record and have seen hatebreed twice in the divinity tour, one meet n greet. I was wondering how guest appearances worked? Do you pay to have someone on your album? Do they pay you when you guest appear? Your voice is your paycheck so I was wondering how it worked. Listening to "Dot Your Eyes" and you absolutely bring that song to life. The version without you is so bland. If 5FDP fired Ivan, I'd say you got tho gig! I remember hearing Anthrax would give Dime a TV or cam corder instead of cash. What'd you exchange with Zakk? Thanks!

Jamey Jasta responded on 07/16/2014

Tony, thanks so much! Some of the guests on the JASTA album I paid, some did it free, namely Zakk Wylde, he was free, he sent me 40 guitar tracks, how cool is that? I love that guy. Some bands pay me to guest appear, that is always nice but not always neccesary. Glad you dig Dot Your Eyes, I did a "singy" version that's even better! Hopefully they will let me stream it on my soundcloud one day.

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