Jamey Jasta

Hi Jamey, this is not a question I just want to tell you how much I owe to you guys! I saw you in Dublin 1 month ago, one of the best experiences of my life!! your lyrics inspire me, I cannot go to work unless i listen to "in ashes they shall reap" and "no halos for the heartless"! You are all so cool and down to earth, I hope to see you soon again!! Your music is a source of continuous inspiration to me, when I look into your eyes I can see positive energy and the will to keep it up! Thanks for being so true to yourselves and to your fans all around the world! As you said, I have no halo for the heartless \m/

Jamey Jasta responded on 09/19/2013

thank you! that was a great night! i'll always remember our great shows in Dublin. thanks for taking the time!

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