Jamey Jasta

Would really like ta meet u 1 day your words are alot of my life..problem is im not tryinn to pay mad dough to shake a hand.i support the band by goin to all the shows in n.y..
had vip at the last show in amityville and u went flyinn out the back door.....kinda sukt. Then again who am I and youe doin a job........

Jamey Jasta responded on 09/22/2013

Thanks! Normally on the last day of tour we do not schedule a meet & greet and for some reason in Long Island we did and we really shouldn't have seeing as I had to get home and be with my grandmother the next morning for her dr.'s appointment so if I left in a hurry it was because i was trying to get 4 hours of sleep before a long day. My bad. Sorry about that, we're offering less M&G spots on the next tour because we want everyone to get time to chat and get pics and stuff

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