Jamey Jasta

hey i was at hatebreeds flagstaff concert this year. i was dead front and center, gotta say it was my first concert and it was of my life long favorite band badass man congrats on your success and life! do you remember that show or me in particular? (always woundered if bands ever just randomly remember things like that)

Jamey Jasta responded on 12/10/2013

thank you! I do remember a lot of people I see in the front row, some nights after the show i will write a short journal in my phone or on my computer so one day I can include some stories in my book or books. I do remember that show vividly and I loved that show. I always love playing in AZ and other parts of the country where people with native americans lineage come see us play, We've always had a strong bond with our fans in AZ, from tuba city to phoenix and tucson its one of our favorite places to play!! thanks for coming to the show and thanks for your support. Means a lot!

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