Jamey Jasta

What was it like meeting Wattie and touring with the Exploited, are they an influence for you? My other question is have you ever considered touring with Madball or Agnostic Front in the states? It seems like Europe, especially Germany gets all the cool Punk/HC shows. Is that style of heavy music not nearly as popular in the states as it is over seas.

Jamey Jasta responded on 07/16/2014

Wattie is cool. I was bummed that he had a heart attack mid tour and had to drop off the dates but yeah I liked exploited growing up and was happy to share the stage with them. We've toured the states w/ both Madball & Agnostic Front in the past. It's harder to do that now just because the promoters mainly want newer bands but it could happen again and I'm always open to touring with them.

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