Jamey Jasta

(not trying to sound pushy or rude or anything) I miss the lyrical style from tracks like Puritan. The new albums have felt a bit too anthemic and similar lyrically. I am all for positivity but I do feel like I have heard these songs before quite a bit. The Jasta album showed quite a bit of your range both vocally and lyrically. It would be nice for that to transfer over to Hatebreed a bit (at least lyrically, I know you guys aren't a ballad or catchy sung chorus kind of band). I just really enjoy your lyrical style when it is a bit more complex and it seems like sometimes you restrict yourself to fit what people seem to think Hatebreed should be. I hope I haven't offended you or anything here. Just trying to be honest to someone I have a lot of respect for. Thoughts?

Jamey Jasta responded on 08/12/2014

Nothing offends me. I appreciate that you like any era of the band but Hatebreed has a recipe/formula that the fans want and it's become bigger than just me. Tracks like Puritan don't really react except for at an all hardcore fest. Songs like In Ashes or Everyone Bleeds Now, Live For This, Destroy Everything & Honor Never dies have had 40,000-50,000 people singing them at some of these shows we just played over the last few months. Watch Destroy Everything from Manila, 30,000 people singing, or Live For This or Honor Never Dies in Montreal for 25,000 fans this past weekend. Or look at Woodstock Poland, 100,000 people singing I will be heard. If we had more songs like Puritan it would be fun or you and I but the rest of the fans would complain

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