Jamey Jasta

Hi Jamey! I'm a big fan and I have a sort of serious question to ask.. I'm in high school and I'm the only metalhead around listening to y'all, Slayer, FFDP, Behemoth, etc. Also I'm in advanced classes and have dreams of being a Navy SEAL intelligence officer (yes I'm a girl) when I'm older. I get teased for all this quite a lot. I ignore them but it still gets me angry and upset. Any advice or words of wisdom? Thank you very much for reading this. I love you guys and hopefully will get to meet you soon and see you in concert. - Cheyenne Martin.

Jamey Jasta responded on 08/13/2014

do what makes you happy but not at the expense of others. follow your passion w/o being a burden to anyone. work hard and always have a back up plan. best of luck!

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