Jamey Jasta

I saw you guys once when you folks were doing the Cross Canada Core tour in I think 0'8 in Edmonton, I set aside all plans that day to see you guys play & it was AWESOME ! That's a memory I won't forget, I picked up a tour shirt & wear it at gatherings, concets etc.

But I was wondering, will you guys ever come back up North again ?
Your closest show is in Montreal & I am in Edmonton, Alberta.

Last question, I'm sure you've heard of Throwdown, Terror & Most Precious Blood before; do you have a better connection with those folks, bands like that & their crowds then you do with Death or Black Metal bands.
I'd hope to see one day you guys do a tour with Throwdown or mashup with Dave Peter's. Hatebreed + Throwdown, 2 of my fav Hardcore bands together would be insane ! \m/

Jamey Jasta responded on 08/12/2014

the connection w/ the audience for bands like terror & throw down is there because we influenced those bands but that audience is smaller in the usa and we have done more tours in the USA with metal bands like slayer, type o negative, five finger death punch, slipknot, lamb of god, in flames etc so we've become popular with metal audiences more so through out the last 10 years

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