Jamey Jasta

Proud to say my first metal show was hatebreed '05. My life changed. For four and a half years of my childhood I was severely molested by my step grandfather. My entire life I was told to forgive and move on. Move on I did but I can never forget. But screaming along with a call for blood...helps get through the emotions. Nobody has the right t steal innocence. I don't hold the anger or hate anymore towards him but I don't care for him either. Again...thanks guys for all that you do for us fans and metal family. Hope to see y'all again...in B.C. vancouver or prince George \m/ take care \m/

Jamey Jasta responded on 08/12/2014

thank you for listening and thank you for taking the time, sorry to hear of your situation but it sounds like you are in a better/safer place now. all the best to you!

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