Jamey Jasta

Your music is like a therapy to all the threatening things and helps to step through the bottoms of the valleys in life. It gives strengh and power to confront your boss, the teacher, the police-officer and so on. Thank you for this!
Readinging your responses, you do all to gain knew fans, what frightens me a bit. Stay true - as you are!
Did you ever made an anti-racial or political song? A Man who talks to so many people could use this to make this earth a better, united place.

Jamey Jasta responded on 08/13/2014

Yes, w/o big marketing push, high powered management you have to be active and get out and gain new fans, expand your horizons and grow as a band, we'll always do that as we have in the past. That's why we're still extremely successful. Look at Slayer touring w/ Slipknot in 03/04, gained them a whole new audience even though some of their older fans whined. as for anti racist songs - Burn the lies & hollow ground

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