Jamey Jasta

Dear Jamey, I'm going to take your advice, and get help from someone else, besides you. (a celeb on twitter) okay. I've shamed myself enough already dming you. You don't want to follow me, so I can talk privately, so I get it. Sorry I bothered you, really! With my situation, I don't think I'll ever meet you or go to a concert. My life is just not like that. Plus you won't seem to ever schedule around tx anyway, and you don't answer simple dm questions that I do tend to have for you. I feel like I embarrass you. Telling you I love you to the extreme, plus more. You're just not interested in me at all. (fan, friend, or whatever) Cause if you were, you would've responded or made direct contact with me, but you didn't. You couldn't even say thanks or no thanks, to all my birthday messages I sent you. So, I get it, I'm going to stop trying, and finally leave you alone. I got to do it my way, though. Truly sorry for bothering you all this time. Bye, Diane V.

Jamey Jasta responded on 09/08/2014

I get hundred sometimes thousands of messages, emails, tweets etc per week. I do what I can but to respond often times that is not enough. If you are in need of help/advice PLEASE see a professional.

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