Jamey Jasta

I really appreciate your motivation and heart you put in your music!
But i keep wondering how did you come so strong? I know you had problems on your own like the most of us and that you didn't had the strength to carry on at one point ( heard it in one of your hatebreed songs ) .
I really think it's amazing how your attitude is now but how did you make the change in your head?
Much greatings from a fan out Belgium!
Keep going and thx for everything so far!

Jamey Jasta responded on 10/27/2014

I have to make a change in my head every day, life is a constant flow of good and bad and with success comes a lot of bad, so after you work 24 hours a day and overcome huge odds to make it then the REAL work begins haha it's crazy! thank you so much for taking the time though and thanks for listening and supporting us!

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