Jamey Jasta

Do you miss the old school venues in CT like The Boiler Room, Tune Inn, Studio 158, El N Gee and the Globe? Ever thought to (re)open a venue and call it The Hanover House and book shows? I went to many a show you booked in CT back in the day.... Thanks for the music over the years... From Jasta 14 to now, it's all been great!

Jamey Jasta responded on 10/27/2014

Never thought to open or re-open a venue, too much work for very little profit and there's too many sue happy people in America. As for missing those days, I'm not really a nostalgic type of guy and I was VERY drunk and a lot of those shows haha especially hanover house, that whole time is a blur but I just read an article about a scientific study that was done that says that keeping/looking at happy stuff from your childhood/past actually keeps you young so maybe I will put up a few old flyers or watch a couple of old show videos on youtube for shits and giggles but thank you for the support for so many years, that means alot to me!

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