Jamey Jasta

Hello I'm a huge music fan constantly buying CDs and records from artists all over the spectrum and am a frequent show goer to the current and local hardcore scene shout out to Spitback bitch and The Detroit Straight Edge. I've been catching up on the podcast and enjoying every minute of every episode. I would very very strongly suggest Hatebreed working with Chad Gilbert to produce an album. Listen to Big Kiss Goodnight by Trapped Under Ice and you might see what I mean. I truly believe it would turn heads and help break through to the jaded barrier believing Satisfaction fans even with their dumb Stigmata (couldn't resist the reference lol) of what a Hatebreed album should be. Thanks for your time I'm drinking french dark roast and listening to Homewrecker - Circle of Death

Jamey Jasta responded on 11/13/2014

thanks good to hear!!

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