Jamey Jasta

Jamey, will u ever consider putting an album out next time without the "f-words" in it? I understand why u wouldn't do it in the past, cause u didn't want to "sell out." But like for instance, the song 'Everyone Bleeds Now' has some killer riffs & lyrics, that it would be a great "sports" track in the NFL. Especially whenever they go to commercials, that song could be played in the backgroud. And when your favorite team is beating the other! LOL Maybe, 'now is the time' to branch out and appeal to those bigger or mainstream markets. As long as it relates to a 'hardcore' sense of toughness, endurance etc. Would Hatebreed do an album without the curse words? A lot of great rock bands from the 70's, 80's, like Van Halen, KISS, Ozzy, & more, didn't have curse words.

Jamey Jasta responded on 12/16/2014

The ENTIRE Supremacy album has no curse words on it. The music you hear in the back round on Monday Night football and a lot of other epsn sports shows is actually instrumental music written by me! I have written and recorded 3 album of music for them.

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