Jamey Jasta

Jamey, this is not a question, just something I needed to say to you. I actually had not hear of Hatebreed until last year when I had written some new lyrics called "In The End" and took them to my bassist. He read them and said , hey that sounds like a hatebreed riff is needed for this song...I said who is Hatebreed? He laughed cause he knew as soon as I heard you guys I would love it, and I DO ! You are very inspiring, and the lyrics to your songs ring so true in my life experiences. I love how you seek to empower your fans and let us know that no matter what has happened in our lives, we are still worth love . I will be seeing you live for the 1st time in Vancouver, BC Dec 29th and will be doing the VIP upgrade to meet you and thank you in person. I can;t wait to experience you guys live, this is gonna kick ass !!! Again thank you. My band is called "THE REKKENING" if your interested and we are currently planning and European tour for next summer 2015. Any advice on touring is great

Jamey Jasta responded on 12/16/2014

Thanks Tracey! much appreciated and best of luck with the band. My only advice for touring is start small 1 or 2 week run, make sure everyone is pulling their weight and if anyone is a complainer or a bum out then they might not be cut out for the long haul.

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