Jamey Jasta

Hi Jamey, thanks for taking the time to respond to my question regarding independent Canadian act Exes For Eyes' campaign to go platinum by selling their new album online (digital only) for $1. As to their reasoning, my understanding of their logic is that this intends to create a new business model which ensures that bands keep the lion's share of the profit (by cutting out labels, promoters, retailers, managers etc.) and also curb piracy. I was wondering if you think this is a realistic idea for newer bands to be able to make a decent living through their music?

Jamey Jasta responded on 12/27/2014

If a band has culturally significant song or a song w/ the potential to become a big hit then I think this could work to be profitable but but cutting out labels, promoters, retailers, managers etc will just create more work for the artist and in the long run I think the creative part including song writing, arranging, creating and being inspired will be affected by the biz, how can you write good songs if you're doing a million jobs, and what are the odds that everyone is the band will be good at their individual responsibilities, you'll still need an accountant to split the royalties & issues payments, someone to fill the mailorders, some one to book the shows, it's a massive work load for a band with a album that is good & selling well.

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