Jamey Jasta

What's up Jamey. Seen you guys in Oklahoma City on January 20.

Got two questions for you
#1. You looked a little upset with the event staff..,is that why the band didn't do your group picture?

#2. I've seen Hatebreed 3 times now and loved every show. When can we, the fans, expect to see HATBREED handling the show?

Thank you for your time.
John B.

Jamey Jasta responded on 02/04/2015

The security just were not experienced, it wasn't a huge deal but they needed to be put in check, even after the multiple security meetings before the show they did not understand what they were supposed to be doing and it threw me off my game. As for the group picture, it was due to the lights being so low and not the crowd not being lit correctly, I could barely see the crowd myself I knew the pic would not come out. As for Hatebreed headlining, it might be a while, I think a new album is in order 1st.

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