Jamey Jasta

Hey Jamey! Do you feel that your decisions to stop drinking and focus on your family and goals has influenced your fans and friends? There's been so many musicians falling victim to drugs and alcohol lately that it's great to have some who has stepped up and has been kicking ass ever since. The world needs to clone a few thousand more of you! You and your band needs all the recognition for relaying such aggressive and uplifting music... Thank God for Hatebreed!

Jamey Jasta responded on 05/17/2015

Thanks so much Rob. I'm not sure about our/my influence on people. It's nice to hear when people tell us we've made an impact. We hear that every day. I will tell you this much, the Slipknot/Hatebreed tour was probably the best tour I've ever done and there were very few people drinking booze on that run. It's just makes for an easier more professional and drama free tour! It was a lot of fun!

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