Jamey Jasta

How's it going Jamey. I'm one of your most die hard's and I've been to multiple shows at bogarts in cincinnati ohio and I've met the band on a few occasions. Hatebreed has been my rock in every time of need I've have since satisfaction is the death of desire and Jasta is a hero lyrically. I'm about to propose to my girlfriend and we are driving up to Michigan for the slipknot show then to flint for the machine shop show. I was wondering if there is any way you could help me and let us up on stage so I can do this up right. I really want to do it at a Hatebreed show because our first concert together was the black label society show in columbus ohio and she loved you guys enough to take the 5+ hour drive to Michigan with me to see you 2 nights in a row. If you could please let me know because I have just over a month to get things ready if you can do it. Thanks with horns raised and a greatful heart in everything you've done for my life and continue to do, Ben
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Jamey Jasta responded on 05/18/2015

Just got back from Michigan and I'm checking the fanbridge questions again, hopefully she said yes! thanks for the support!

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