Jamey Jasta

I love your podcast. Lots and lots of business info!
I am having hard time finding other good metal or musican podcast. I listen to jericho and trunk ,sometimes florentine .
What podcast do you listen to ?
Ps.. i was at the infamous portland oregon show. 2 things. 1 the venue is a venue that metal bands hardly play at. In gang territory. 2 you are great for always helping bands tour but i doubt if deeze nuts , white chappel brought in 50 people..hatebreed and 1 band or locals and better club would be sold out. Please dont give up on portland.. 43 and rocking harder every day!!

Jamey Jasta responded on 05/17/2015

Thanks Bud! Much appreciated, you are probably right about Portland, we haven't given up totally on it but it will be a while before we can headline there again. PS you're never to old to stop rockin! luv it!

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