Jamey Jasta

Hey, I got a question. Other than Roger and Vinnie how come how come you don't have anyone from the punk/hc scene on your podcast?

Jamey Jasta responded on 05/17/2015

They don't get many listens/downloads so it's tough. fortunately people have been donating at http://www.martyrstore.net/product/jasta... and that will help me book guests from a smaller niche audiences like punk/crust/hardcore/grind/djent etc. Word of mouth was pretty good on those 2 episodes, word of mouth REALLY helps, usually the hardcore audience is a little too cool for school when it comes to promoting things they like but w/ podcasting, the more the people listen/download, the better sponsors we can get and the more exposure the show can get. I'm not trying to have this be a small podcast that only a few small audiences enjoy so it's good for me to get HUGE guests who have active enthusiastic audiences who want to listen in and promote/support their artists.

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