Jamey Jasta

So basically what you're saying is that the smaller scene's don't draw enough listeners and that's why you're having these really big bands on your show? I'll do what I can on my own part to listen by donating money or whatever, but I think for fans of smaller scenes we're out there and we do listen. Hatebreed is a band that targets everyone who's into heavy music, maybe promoting your stuff on like DyingScene, Ineffecthardcore, or alternative press. Thanks for taking the time to response back to me

Jamey Jasta responded on 06/26/2015

I'm saying I have to space those smaller episodes out so that people don't think the show is losing listeners and so I don't lose momentum and/or advertisers. This is totally DIY and a big investment of time and energy. As much as I love say a band like Eyehategod, they didn't make one post about the episode. I asked their publicist, I hit up the band directly, no response, then I get a guest like Ice T, Corey Taylor or Kirk Hammett and I don't even have to ask, they automatically spread the word and post about the episodes and the numbers are HUGE. Those are the type of guests I need to get to keep the show alive & thriving, the type of guests who have fanbases who are active and engaging and supportive.

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