Jamey Jasta

Planning on going to see the Coal Chamber / Fear Factory show in Columbia, SC (driving in from Savannah, GA) however on the bill it says Devil You Know is playing http://www.musicfarm.com/event/858953-coal-chamber-columbia/ .. but your Facebook post says you are. Which is right? Also I am working on getting VIP tickets for both Coal Chamber and Fear Factory .. how can I buy/obtain one for you also (might as well meet everyone!) ? FYI Saw you at Welcome to Rockville .. INSANE SHOW!!! Loved the J-Ville jersies!!!

Jamey Jasta responded on 06/27/2015

thanks so much! The dates I am playing are up on jameyjasta.com/tour and my VIP/M&G options are available at jasta.soundrink.com

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