Jamey Jasta

*please excuse the wall of text*
Jamey, I have appreciated the music you have created since 2002 by a fellow army buddy of mine. There is no better music to punch/kick things, lift heavy shit and relieve stress too than HB in my opinion. Hatebreed = Aural Testosterone.
Please work on an MMA/MetalFest starring Hatebreed and Biohazard I would definitely love that shit.

Thank you for the podcast just started listening 4 months ago, I appreciate a great deal more difficulties artists go through in the industry these days. Please keep having badass musicians, comedians, porn stars and MMA fighters. Listening to a ton more music since hearing some of these folks talk about them. Any interest in Clutch front man Neil Fallon on and thoughts on possibly hitting up a crossover podcast like Joe Rogan's?
Looking forward to meeting you guys on the 19th at Toads.
David in Maryland.

Jamey Jasta responded on 06/26/2015

Thanks David, as for MMA/Music co-promotions it's very hard to pull off and very unlikely. I saw Bellator had a few rappers walk out and perform, I think one walked out w/ Stephan Bonnar. That's probably the furthest they'll take it but I'll ask. Would like to get Neil Fallon on my podcast for sure. As for me going on Rogan's podcast, doesn't look likely. I don't think he's ever had anyone from metal, he rarely has music guests (maybe 8-10 times out of the 600 episodes) and when he does have a musician I think he sticks w/ rap, Immortal Technique, B-Real, Kid Cudi, Everlast etc.

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