Jamey Jasta

How they hangin' mate? I am abso'fucking'lutely loving the podcast, you have interviewed so many of my favorite artists but got to love the John 5 episode, Aaron Lewis was also great, there has not been a shit episode. I'm not into Testament but loved the Chuck Billy ep and enjoy listening to other artists whose music I'm not into. I had no idea who Craig Gass was but I was in tears, he is so funny and that was great. Bonnie Rotten was entertaining just like her vids!

My top 10 guest wish list -
Robb Flynn
Jim [Slipknot]
Craig [Slipknot, that was be a HUGE podcast! if you made that happen]
Lars [Metallica]
Phil [Pantera]
Daron [SOAD]
Jack Black
Head [Korn]
Marilyn Manson


VIP Meet and Greets are great in my opinion, I got to meet some of my favorite bands through this, an extra $100-$200 for a M&G is nothing. I wouldn't pay over that and think it's bullshit bands like KISS take advantage of fans by charging HUGE amounts.

Get King Parrot on, they will be back in USA soon!

Jamey Jasta responded on 08/12/2015

Great ideas, thank you and thanks for the kind words. Glad you dig the M&G, we had a blast on the JASTA tour, even had fans jam on stage with us and it was awesome!

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