Jamey Jasta

I recently listened to an episode of the planet money podcast that broke down the cost of producing a hit song between the writers, producers, advertising, and actual recording.(Episode 288:manufacturing the song of the summer) It was really mind blowing to have an accounting of the thousands and thousands of dollars that go into just one song for a major pop artist. It really got me wondering what the cost might be for a metal/punk act that doesn't have a team of "hit writers" to pay. I know you talk about supporting the artist a lot on the show and I do my part whenever I see you guys play(I have 7 hatebreed shirts from each time I've seen you guys) and thought maybe this could be an interesting way to shine light on how difficult it can be in the music industry without fan support. Thanks for all you do, love the show, keep it rockin!

Jamey Jasta responded on 07/24/2015

I will check it out thanks Mike and thanks for the support through out the years!

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