Jamey Jasta

Hey Jamey, I just wanted to tell you that I really like your postcast. I'm a 35 year old vegan sxe guy from Mexico (Leaving for the past 8 years in USA) that grown up listing HxC and Punk music. Now, Married and with children is hard to go to show and listening to new bands. The few new bands that I have listened suck (Motionless in white, Attila, etc). Having said that, after listing your podcast interviewing some of their members my perception of them have change. I mean, I still don't like those band but I have found a new kind of respect for these people. I have realized that every generation is going to come up with their new style and sound, so I'm learning to be more tolerant and understanding. Do you have any plans on interviewing BTBAM? In any case, please keep educating me on the new music out there... Gracias!!

Jamey Jasta responded on 08/28/2015

thanks for listening! glad to hear! and lots of people want BTBAM on the podcast so I will try, thanks Felipe!

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