Jamey Jasta

Jamey i love the podcast been listening for a few months now the interviews are great. The Brett hinds is one of my faves. I like it because for a old metal dude from the late 80's 90's (i had a band called "Terminus" back in those days) that never made it.So Through the podcast i get to live vicariously through the stories all of your guest tell haha... And although i was mainly a deathmetal head in those days, i jam on lots of music these days.I love hearing many of the guest talk about different music there into.Its good to hear because in those days that was all you where expected to listening to was metal. I never jammed on Hatebreed much in those days but have been jamming on a lot of your stuff since listening to the podcast, really digg it and love Kingdom Of Sorrow! So ? Any chance of interviewing any one from the band BoltThrower? And shameless plug but would love to hear your thoughts on my old band. Thanks for all you do for \m/

Dave, Vancouver Wa,

Jamey Jasta responded on 08/21/2015

Thanks Dave, yes I am working on getting Bolt Thrower on, hopefully when I am in the UK! Thanks again!

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