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Had an issue yesterday with some bruised ribs. (I'll be fine), but here is me showing respect in the back of the ambulance!


Rafter242 from Portland, OR.

Jamey Jasta responded on 08/21/2015

oh shit! right on! hope you feel better though!

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Not so much a question but an observation...I don't have a lot of spare time, so I only listen to two podcasts - The Jasta Show and Star Talk Radio with Neil deGrasse Tyson (the astrophysicist). I listened to the Howard Jones episode and something felt off. Then it hit me - Howard and Neil deGrasse Tyson sound EXACTLY the same! Talk about a MINDFUCK!!! Maybe Howard has a second job we don't know about? Or Neil has hidden talent for singing/screaming? You never see them in the same place at once! Just saying ;)

Love the show, keep up the awesome work, and can't wait for the Motorhead cruise!
Shannon D.

Jamey Jasta responded on 08/21/2015
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Hi Jamey, thank you for the great podcast episodes, you made my trips from and to work extremely enjoyable! I love your interviews with the musicians, however I miss the episodes like the ones you made with Andy Copping or Vicky Hungerford. I really enjoy the conversations about the business side of music. Could you get a few more interesting promoters onto the show? I would also enjoy discussions with the likes of tour managers or even crew members to understand a bit about the logistics behind a tour and the challenges you face with on a daily base.

I would also have a few suggestions for musicians to invite. Zoli Téglás from Ignite would be a great guest from the HC scene (very intelligent guy with strong opinions) and few female artists like Maria Brink, Cristina Scabbia or Alissa White-Gluz.

Keep up the great work, thank you mate!

Peter Wagner - Hungary

Jamey Jasta responded on 08/21/2015
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