Jamey Jasta

Hey Jamey I love the podcast. Literally the best out there. One quick thing. I know you love the guys in Slipknot and don't mean it to insult them but tons of times on the podcast you've lumped them in with commercial bands. I kinda feel like that's not fair to put them in that category. Like have you listened to the Iowa album in its entirety? 90% of it is screaming with brutal lyrics. It's borderline death metal to me. Their fist album goes hard as hell too. I know with their 3rd and 4th albums they changed but they never wrote anything that sounded commercial. They kept the dark subject matter. I just hate when I see people dissing them saying they're not real metal when they really do have some brutal shit. I know you don't mean in negatively when you mention them in that way but I also don't think you mention how heavy some of their stuff is. They're like the one super heavy band that's found mega success despite how heavy they are. Anyway I hope you're doing great. Love that show

Jamey Jasta responded on 10/20/2015

I love Slipknot. It's not an insult when I say they get played on commercial radio, if anything it's a compliment, they've helped break down barriers at commercial radio so much by getting heavier music into their airwaves. People think of the term "commercial" as being a bad thing but really what's it's saying is that you have had an impact beyond a smaller subgenre right? Thanks Ryan

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