Jamey Jasta

Dear Jamey,

I truly adore the podcast and it really does cheer me up during the week. Clearly a labour of love by a metalhead fanboy, for metalhead fanboys. Case in point; the latest Trevor Strnad episode, the conversation seemed to fly by at 100/mph and the enthusiasm in the room was palpable. Loved it.

Have you ever tried to get hold of Keith Spillet author of the satirical blog Tyranny of Tradition? If you haven't heard of it before then you're honestly in for a real treat. My personal favourite is the article about Black Friday originating in Norway.

Take care and all the best for the rest of the year,

Matt (UK)

Jamey Jasta responded on 10/20/2015

thanks so much Matt! great to hear! and link to that blog if ya don't mind! Thanks! \m/

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