Jamey Jasta

JASTA! You were saying that there are some cities you don't desire to go and play anymore.. Please if anywhere in Saskatchewan, Canada is one of them I will literally pay you guys to come here.. Straight out of my own pocket pay HATEBREED to keep coming back as long as the HATEBREED train lives! Also any chance of JASTA coming to Western Canada one day? Thank you for all your hard work and music over the years! It doesn't go unnoticed! I don't have the time to listen to every single podcast but enjoy everyone I get the chance to listen to!

Robyn Dolezsar


Jamey Jasta responded on 09/11/2015

Was not talking about Canada, almost everywhere in Canada is friggin amazing to play. I was talking about smaller cities in remote areas of the states where promoters and bands LOSE money to do shows because there's not enough fans or there's no local scene that can help promote the shows.

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