Jamey Jasta

Hi Jamey, my boyfriend is in a band and he is trying to get their music out there. Do you have any advice to help with a direction to go? Is social media the way to go as far as having a lot of followers/friends on Instagram and Facebook or will he have a better chance of getting discovered by a promoter or sponsor by posting his music on YOU tube? He is lives in Canada and has played a few shows and has almost completed his first album and we are not sure what is the best way to promote it.


Jamey Jasta responded on 11/14/2015

Is the music good? Do the tunes stand out like if you compare the production & songwriting to music that's popular in his genre or next to a credible/career musician's music? No sense in having social media if the songs don't connect with people. Canada has a great music scene though.

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