Jamey Jasta

Hey I've been wondering, what is a vfw hall? I hear you talk about how you used to play them a lot in the jasta show, but can't find anything online. Thanks!

Jamey Jasta responded on 11/14/2015

It stands for Veterans Of Foreign Wars. They have halls for events & do a lot of great things for veterans. Most of the hall we played at would get damaged or vandalized which is a real crying shame and shows you how a small disrespectful group of punk & hardcore fans can ruin it for the majority fans, bands, promoters & businesses that want to welcome underground shows & fans in. Oh well! Luckily we got to a point where we could play major larger venues & tours. I just feel bad for the upcoming bands that could've had some great shows but not most halls won't allow rentals to heavy bands.

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