Jamey Jasta

Hi Jamey,

First off - the podcast is the best thing ever! Highlight of my week! Love listening to all that you and your guests have to say. Great to hear all the good, and sometimes funny/crazy, things that happen behind the scenes.

Second - I've had Divinity of Purpose in my collection for a while now and only recently took to listening to it properly. Holy shitballs. It's really really awesome! I've something I love in every track! Which is rare in metal albums these days. Well done. I look forward to the new album and wish you all the best with record.

Bummed I missed your trip out South Africa - will there be another opportunity to come down to our little part of the world? If so would you bring some of the bands you've played on the podcast to said show?

Jamey Jasta responded on 12/06/2015

Thanks Karl much appreciated! Glad you dig TDOP, we worked hard on it! As for SA, I doubt we will be coming back any time soon. Sorry! Try to make the trek to one of the great European festivals if you can, you'll be glad you did!

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