Jamey Jasta

Hey Jamie. I've been a fan since the Under the Knife EP came out. I'm usually a guy who doesn't want the hardcore band to get huge, but you've done it the right way with Hatebreed and you've been an asset to the hardcore and metal world. Keep it up. Love the podcast - it's so much fun to listen to. Question about self-titled records. It seems to be a thing within the last few years where bands put out a self-titled record a few years into their career, but back in the day, bands used to put out a self-titled record as their first record. Hatebreed has done it and other bands have too. Is there a method to this madness or some sort of strategy behind it? Or is it a situation where the band members can't agree on a title?

Jamey Jasta responded on 03/01/2016

thanks Brett! I'll answer this on thursday's episode! have a good one

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