Jamey Jasta

Hey Jamey! This is Chaz, I met you at the meet and greet in Philly. I'm the vocalist for Cranely Gardens. Thanks so much for playing our track on your show with Rudolf! You're awesome and we greatly appreciate it! Also, you mentioned you couldn't find us on social media. I think that's because our name may have been misspelled. It's Cranely Gardens, not Cranley Gardens. Our website is http://cranelygardens.com/ which has links to our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Anyways, love the show and again thank you very much for playing our music! Lastly, I think Brock from 36 Crazyfists would be an awesome guest if you guys ever cross paths and can get him on the show. Take care, mate! \m/

Jamey Jasta responded on 07/18/2016

Thanks Chaz, no prob!

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