Jamey Jasta

Hey Jamie... I'm a huge Hatebreed fan and I've never got to see you guys live. I actually used to blast your music through headphones while on patrol in Iraq, both in 2003 & 2006. I even bought my 1st copy of "Rise of brutality" while I was deployed in Iraq a few days after it came out. I just heard your podcast with Dez ,(Who I'm also a huge fan of) and I was blown away by that interview. I was wanting to know if you guys are going to be coming through Oklahoma City this summer with DevilDriver? Both bands are in top 5 all time favorite bands list, and it's on my bucket list to see both bands together before I die. I know that you come through Oklahoma pretty consistently, but due to me being a disabled veteran from surviving and IED attack, I really don't go out to shows much anymore... But this line-up I would absolutely get out of the house for! Thanks for everything that you do and I look forward to having you answer my question.

Jamey Jasta responded on 01/23/2017

Thank you for your service Robert and thank you for the kind words. Sorry I missed this question when I started answering the fans questions again! Hope to come play OKC again soon!

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