Jamey Jasta

Hey Jamey!

Your songs have gotten me through many, many dark days over the years. Being homeless in Los Angeles and living on rooftops, to the day that I lost my best friend to a drunk driving accident. But as you wrote, "We Still Fight"!

Speaking of which, judging by that song, it's obvious (to me, anyways) that your are a patriot. Those lyrics hit the heart hard after the Dallas tragedy. RIP boys in blue.

Anyways, between your patriotism, and Frank 3 guns' nickname (I take it he possibly shoots competitively?), and the some of the lyrics of Looking Down the Barrel of Today.. What are your personal beliefs, as well as that of your bandmates, as far as the Second Amendment goes?

You may email me if you'd like to answer in private, I 100% understand and respect that. :D

Have a great day, man!
~Andrew Gossert

(Hopefully I don't get spammed now lol!)

Jamey Jasta responded on 07/15/2016

Thank you! This one was answered on episode 185 w/ Jim Breuer.

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