Jamey Jasta

Not a question but just wanting you to know your show in Minneapolis this October will be the first show I'll be able to attend since I lost my leg below the knee from a work accident. Multiple surgeries, hopes dashed and what seemed like a never-ending cycle of despair I tried to keep my head high. All the surgeons, nurses, family and friends have said my positive attitude has been amazing. My kids look at their dad with strength. Music has played a role in this. That album Perseverance has held a place in my life and tells me to keep going, life will get better. My youngest goes around telling people, "My daddy can do anything". Well I just wanted to say that I am very stoked that your guy's show will be my re-introduction to a family I have missed, the metal community. I bought the VIP pass and am very excited to meet you, Beattie, and Matt again (met you guys back in '01 I think), and meet Frank and Wayne. Thank you for the music! BH

Jamey Jasta responded on 12/07/2016

Bryan! Hope you enjoyed the show and M&G! That was one of my favorite shows of the tour. I'm not sure if I answered this question on the podcast but thank you for the kind words and I hope you and your family have a great holiday! All the best. - Jamey

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