Jamey Jasta

Are you familiar with Blockchain technology? It's the technology underlying Bitcoin and it allows people to be involved with large amounts of transactions person to person rather than through a large intermediary like a bank or PayPal. Imogen Heap has been using the blockchain Mycelium to deal direct with her consumers. With the trust and protection of property it offers, it seems like a way for artists to regain control of their IP and address so many of the issues you talk about on your show. Interested in your thoughts on how it could affect the music business as a whole, if you're familiar!

It was a very recent TED Talk for the crash course in the technology, could spark more than a few thoughts if you're bored and are interested: http://www.ted.com/talks/don_tapscott_how_the_blockchain_is_changing_money_and_business

Jamey Jasta responded on 09/18/2016

This sounds awesome, thanks! will look into for sure and I answered this on the Richard Christy episode, thanks!

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