Jamey Jasta

Your podcast is an amazing source of info and advice about the music industry! Our bands main promotion is made up of facebook ads and the classic approach of standing outside shows. Are there any other great ways of promotion off the top of your head? Thanks! Always be listening

Jamey Jasta responded on 12/07/2016

That's a good question, I find a lot of music through podcasts & band camp, I think more bands should try to get exposure on podcasts and not spend so much on print & Facebook advertising unless it's geotargeted and they are seeing direct sales of the merch/music and/or show/concert tickets. Even a small black and white quarter page print ad in magazines and papers can be pricey and does anyone even see them? For $10-$20 on Facebook you're lucky if 2,000 people see your post and that's even if you have a huge following. How crazy is that? Paying FB to reach your own following! We gave them the power haha, we gave FB the keys to castle! Anyways, I think we're going to offer indie bands cheap ad rates on my podcast and see if it helps bands get more exposure. At least then they can guarantee that anywhere from 30-70k people might hear their name mentioned &/or tour being plugged, some episodes do even bigger so it might be of value. I want to start advertising HB tours on big podcasts!

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