Jamey Jasta

How did the Otep/Hatebreed show come up? I think it's awesome. Love both the bands and always thought they'd be a good match, but wouldn't make much sense on paper. If it ever worked out down the line I'd love to see an Otep/Hatebreed tour. Or at least a show in Massachusetts where I live. Haha (p.s. a boston show would be killer. I know the promoters in boston aka live nation are lame and rarely book metal unless it's top 40, but a 20 minute train ride is always nice compared to an 1 1/2 hour one to Worcester. But I know it's not in your control)

By the way, just wanna say the podcast is very insightful and educational. I went to school for entertainment management and seriously think all students I went to school with should have had to listen to an episode of the jasta show. Super insightful about rock and metal music, and just the music business in general. Keep up the good work!

Jamey Jasta responded on 11/21/2016

This was answered on episode #207 thanks!

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