Jamey Jasta

Hi Jamie, longtime supporter of The Jasta Show. I signed up to Gas Digital Network to support you, so I'm only paying for your podcast. My one major gripe with GDN was that they didn't have a RSS feed. Now they do, but you have to be a subscriber to the WHOLE network to get this. Also, after the RSS update, I can no longer comment in the forums. I guess you have to pay close to 10$ a month for that privilege too. It's a huge hassle for me to not be able get the podcast straight in my podcast app. I'm going to unsubscribe from this network as it doesn't give me anything of worth and get it for free a few days later. I will try to support your podcast in some other way. Really disappointed with this whole GDN move, but I of course understand bills have to be paid. Stay HAAARRRD! -Pat

Jamey Jasta responded on 12/07/2016

This and other issues have been brought up w/ GDN, we'll see what they say. The subscription to the whole network is worth it though, especially if you miss an episode and want the 200+ ep archive and if you want the JASTA singles & other tunes as I release them (GDN will have them before anyone else) plus other video and music bonus content that we're rolling out soon but I totally understand! Thanks!

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