Jamey Jasta

Hey Jamey, I am in the process of forming a band. If you had to categorize us it would probably be metalcore mainly screaming(highs lows, yells etc.) but I want to incorporate singing as well but am self-conscious about my singing voice at the moment. But I don't want to be categorized and pigeon holed into a certain genre or sect, if categorized as anything I want to be known as a hAAAAARd Rock n' Roll band. My original band name was Falling Under Khaos (then changed to Chaos after i heard you say no more changing letters hahaha), but I thought that was a name that could possibly pigeon hole us into metal/deathcore. Then I came up with the name Alive, I haven't found any other bands with that name but was wondering if that would get a band name police citation for being to plain and unoriginal or if it passes? haha
Can't wait to see you in Columbus with Jasta in March, love the new song!

Jamey Jasta responded on 05/04/2017

Thanks Ben, the name Alive might be hard to trademark but that's something you can worry about later on if the band takes off. Play locally and try your cleans in the live setting and ask your friends how they sound. See if you can hit the right notes w/o monitors or in ears. Make sure they give you an honest answer. Then when it comes time to record those style vocals, make sure you get good takes and don't use auto tune. I've been told being tone deaf is a myth so work hard and see a vocal coach/teacher if you can. That will help too. thanks & good luck.

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